Scientific Programme

Day 1: 11th October, 2019 (Friday)
Hall A
09:00AM – 01:00PMRegistration
01:00PM – 02:00PMLunch
01:45PM – 02:00PMInaugurationGuests: Dr. Banshi Saboo, Dr. BM Makkar
02:00PM – 03:15PMDiets in Diabetes – Symposium
Moderator: Dr. Kiran Rukdikar (Pune)
Chair Persons: Dr. Ambika Mohanty (Bhubaneswar)
  Dr. Uma Shankar Mishra (Berhampur)
  Dr. Pitambar Prusty (Bhubaneswar)
02:00PM – 02:15PMVLCDs for Weight LossDt. Ruby Sound (Mumbai)
02:15PM – 02:30PMHigh Protein DietsDt. Smita Shah (Ahmedabad)
02:30PM – 02:45PMKetodietsDt. Sheryl Salis (Mumbai)
02:45PM – 03:00PMBalanced ViewDt. Shilpa Joshi (Mumbai)
03:00PM – 03:15PMDiscussion
03:15PM – 04:30PMBack to Benches – Symposium
Moderator:Dr. Mahesh Mandot (Mumbai)
Chair Persons:Dr. Pramod Acharya (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Bhagirathi Kar (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Khirod Behera (Bhubaneswar)
03:15PM – 03:35PMMetabolically Healthy ObesityDr. Rakesh Sahay (Hyderabad)
03:35PM – 03:55PMObesity, insulin Resistance and Type 2 DM-in Indian contextDr. Sidharth Das (Cuttack)
03:55PM – 04:15PMBehaviour Therapy in Weight Management – A Challenge in Indian SettingDr. Benny Negalur (Mumbai)
04:15PM – 04:30PMDiscussion
04:30PM – 04:45PMTea / Coffee Break
04:45PM – 05:15PMDebate
Moderators:Dr. P. C. Patra ( Berhampur)
 Dr. P. K. Samantray (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Chinmay Patra (Bhubaneswar)
04:45PM – 05:15PMDebate – Is Metabolic Surgery Justified?
YesDr. Jayashree Todkar (Pune)
NoDr. Jayant Panda (Cuttack)
05:15PM – 06:30PMDietary Interventions – Beyond Weight Loss
Moderator:Dr. Jayshree Dravid (Pune)
Chair Persons:Dr. R. K. Goenka (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Mahesh Rath ( Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. J. Bhartudu (Berhampur)
05:15PM – 05:35PMDietary Interventions in Adults – Evidence and PitfallsDr. Purvi Chawla (Mumbai)
05:35PM – 05:55PMBariatric Surgery Procedures and OutcomesDr. Shashank Shah (Pune)
05:55PM – 06:15PMATTICADr. Vijay Negalur (Mumbai)
06:15PM – 06.30PMDiscussion
Hall B
02:00PM – 03:15PMMixed Bag
Moderator:Dr. Santosh Swain (Cuttack)
Chair Persons:Dr. P. C. Sahu (Berhampur)
 Dr. S. N. Routray (Cuttack)
 Dr. Lalatendu Mohanty (Bhubaneswar)
02:00PM – 02:20PMEctopic FatDr. Indira Maisum (Kolkata)
02:20PM – 02:40PMObesity and Cardiometabolic RiskDr. Vinod Mittal (Mumbai)
02:40PM – 03:00PMSetting up Obesity Practice in ClinicsDr. Nitin Patankar (Mumbai)
03:00PM – 03:15PMDiscussion
03:15PM – 04:30PMBasic Science
Moderator:Dr. Mohan Badgandi (Karnataka)
Chair Persons:Dr. S. K. Mohapatro (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Sandip Debashis Mishra (Cuttack)
 Dr. R. K. Dalai (Cuttack)
03:15PM – 03:35PMAdipocyte as Endocrine Organ – Do We Understand It?Dr. Anuj Maheshwari (Lucknow)
03:35PM – 03:55PMCrazy AdipocytesDr. Soumitra Ghosh (Kolkata)
03:55PM – 04:15PMBrain-Gut-Fat ConnectionsDr. Minal Mohit (Jaipur)
04:15PM – 04:30PMDiscussion
04:30PM – 04:45PMTea / Coffee Break
04:45PM – 05:15PMDebate
Moderators:Dr. Ashok Ku. Mohanty (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Ganeswar Sethy (Berhampur)
 Dr. Samir Sahoo (Bhubaneswar)
04:45PM – 05:15PMIs Weight Loss Desirable in Elderly Patients?
YesDr. Hemant Thacker (Mumbai)
NoDr. Rucha Mehta (Ahmedabad)
05:15PM – 06:30PMBack to Benches
Moderator:Dr. Seba Mohapatra (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. Sarita Behera (Cuttack)
 Dr. UK Khadanga (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Pragyan Routray (Bhubaneswar)
05:15PM – 05:35PMPrenatal Weight Loss CounselingDr. Tanvir Singh (Hyderabad)
05:35PM – 05:55PMObesity and PregnancyDr. Sunil Gupta (Nagpur)
05:55PM – 06:15PMChildhood Obesity in IndiaDr. Naunihal Singh (Hyderabad)
06:15PM – 06.30PMDiscussion
Day 2: 12th October, 2019 (Saturday)
Hall A
09:00AM – 10:15AMObesity Management
Moderator:Dr. Alok Kanungo (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. P. K. Das (Cuttack)
 Dr. Kishor Behera (AIIMS) (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. M. K. Chhotray (Bhubaneswar)
09:00AM – 09:20AMHow to Define Obesity and When to Intervene?Dr. Sarita Bajaj (Prayag Raj)
09:20AM – 09:40AMInflammation and ObesityDr. Bharat Panigrahy (Bhubaneswar)
09:40AM – 10:00AMWeight Loss in Obesity – How Much Shall We Target?Dr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
10:00AM – 10.15AMDiscussion
10:15AM – 10:45AMPresidential Oration
Chair Persons:Dr. Bharat Panigrahy (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Jayant Panda (Cuttack)
10:15AM – 10:45AMRecent Advances & Futuristic Management of DiabesityDr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)
10:45AM – 12:00PMTherapeutics
Moderator:Dr. Indira Patnaik (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. S. N. Swain ( Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Jayshree Swain (Cuttack)
 Dr. B. N. Patnaik (Bhubaneswar)
10:45AM – 11.05AMDrugs in Obesity ManagementDr. Hemant Phatale (Aurangabad)
11:05AM – 11:25AMCV Safety of Anti-Obesity DrugsDr. Sambit Das (Bhubneswar)
11:25AM – 11:45AMNovel Therapies for Diabetes and Obesity ManagementDr. Jothydev Kesavadev (Trivandrum)
11:45AM – 12:00PMDiscussion
12:00PM – 01:00PMInauguration
01:00PM – 02:00PMLunch
02:00PM – 02:30PMVandana Bambawale Oration
Chair Persons:Dr. Banshi Saboo (Ahmedabad)
 Dr. Bijaya Mishra (Bhubaneswar)
02:00PM – 02:30PMDiet or Exercise – What is More Important for Sustaining Weight Loss?Dr. Neeta Deshpande (Belgaum)
02:30PM – 03:00PMDr. Vinod Dhurandhar Oration
Chair Persons:Dr. L. K. Meher (Bolangir)
 Dr. Prasanta Ku. Mishra (Cuttack)
02:30PM – 03:00PMA Rising Epidemic of Obesity in SEA Region: How to curb it?Dr. Sudhir Bhandari(Jaipur)
03:00PM – 04:15PMHot Topics
Moderator:Dr. M. P. Tripathy (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. Amitav Mohanty (Bhubaneswar)
03:00PM – 03:20PMATTICADr. Vijay Negalur (Mumbai)
03:20PM – 03:40PMEuro FITDr. Rajeev Chawla (New Delhi)
03:40PM – 04:00PMPREDIMED PlusDr. B. M. Makkar (New Delhi)
04:00PM – 04:15PMDiscussion
04:15PM – 05:30PMMixed Bag
Moderator:Dr. L. K. Dash (Burla)
Chair Persons:Dr. Samir Sahu (SUM) (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Tanmoy Panda (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Kartik Rout (Jajpur)
04:15PM – 04:35PMPre-op Preparation for Bariatric SurgeryDr. Poonam Shah (Pune)
04:35PM – 04:55PMDiRECT – Dietary Interventions and Remission of DiabetesDr. Abhay Sahoo (Bhubneswar)
04:55PM – 05:15PMInitial Evaluation of Obese PatientDr. JB Kanwar (Bhubneswar)
05:15PM – 05:30PMDiscussion
05:30PM – 06:00PMKeynote Address
Chair Persons: 
05:30PM – 06:00PMTBADr. Shashank Joshi (Mumbai)
06:00 – 07:00PMEvening Symposium 
Chair Persons:Dr. Bharat Panigrahy (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. P. K. Sahu (Apollo) (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. J. B. Kanwar ( Bhubaneswar)
06:00PM – 06:30PMObesity Management: Role of LorcaserinDr. B. M. Makkar (New Delhi)
06:30PM – 06:40PMSGLT2 Inhibitors and DPP4 FDC: Where to use in clinical practice Dr. Sambit Das (Bhubanesawr)
06:40PM – 06:50PMThe Vascolo Metabolic Exis-Motality and Clinical Place of SGLT2 InhibitorsDr. Abhay Sahoo (Bhubaneswar)
06:50PM – 07:00PMRole and relavence of Hydroxychloroquine in uncontrolled Type 2 DiabetesDr. Jayant Panda (Cuttack)
Hall B
09:00AM – 10:15AMBariatric Surgery Symposium
Moderator:Dr. Shakti Sahoo (Cuttack)
Chair Persons:Dr. Sreejoy Patnaik (Cuttack)
 Dr. Datteswar Hota (Cuttack)
 Dr. Bana Bihari Mishra (Cuttack)
09:00AM – 09:20AMPre Bariatric Surgery  Evaluation and Management of Obese PatientDr. Surupa Devi Prada (Bhubaneswar)
09:20AM – 09:40AMPost Bariatric Surgery Nutritional ManagementDr. Vinay Dhandhania (Ranchi)
09:40AM – 10:00AMPost Bariatric Surgery Management – 3 weeks may be crucialDr. Pallavi Shah (Pune)
10:00AM – 10.15AMDiscussion
10:15AM – 11:30AMQuick Bytes
Moderator:Dr. B. N. Panda (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. K. C. Sahu (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Kaushik Mishra (Koraput)
 Dr. B. K. Das (Bhubaneswar)
10:15AM – 10:35AMWeight Gain After Bariatric Surgery – How to Manage?Dt. Priti Shukla (Indore)
10:35AM – 10:55AMMobile Health Apps and Weight ManagementMs. Gopika Krishnan (Trivandrum)
10:55AM – 11:15AMAesthetics in ObesityDr. Vidyut Sodha (Mumbai)
11:15AM – 11:30AMDiscussion
11:30AM – 12:00PMPresidential Oration
12:00PM – 01:00PMInauguration
01:00PM – 02:00PMLunch
02:00PM – 02:30PMVandana Bambawale Oration in Hall A
02:30PM – 03:00PMDr. Vinod Dhurandhar Oration in Hall B
03:00PM – 04:15PMNutrition Symposium
Moderator:Dr. S. Panda (KIMS) (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. D. M. Tripathy (Berhampur)
 Dr. Suresh Bansal (Rourkela)
 Dr. Niroj Mishra ( Bhubaneswar)
03:00PM – 03:20PMNutritional Supplements and Obesity ManagementDt. Shilpa Joshi (Mumba)
03:20PM – 03:40PMManagement Issues In Childhood ObesityDr. Priti Phatale (Aurangabad)
03:40PM – 04:00PM“Slimming Centres” and Weight Loss – Are They Doing Good Job or Just Fooling People?Dr. Raghuvir Mathur (Kanpur)
04:00PM – 04:15PMDiscussion
04:15PM – 05:30PMMixed Bag
Moderator:Dr. Satish Pradhan (Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. P. C. Mohanty (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Maya Gantayet (Cuttack)
 Dr. Biswajit Dasmohapatra (Bhubaneswar)
04:15PM – 04:35PMNewer Interventions for ObesityDr. A. K. Das (Puducherry)
04:35PM – 04:55PMWhat’s new in Bariatric Surgery?Dr. Mohit Bhandari (Indore)
04:55PM – 05:15PMBehavior Change-A Challenge in AdiposityDr. Subash Kumar (Patna)
05:15PM – 05:30PMDiscussion
05:30PM – 06:00PMKeynote Address in Hall A
06:00PM – 07:00PMAGM
Day 3: 13th October, 2019 (Sunday)
Hall A
9:00AM – 10:15AMDiabesity
Moderator:Dr. R. J. Das ( Bhubaneswar)
Chair Persons:Dr. Deba Prasad Sahoo (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Namita Mohapatra (Bolangir)
 Dr. Manoranjan Behera ( Cuttack)
09:00AM – 09:20AMManaging Diabetes: Deep dive into SGLT2 InhibitorsDr. Swayam Siddha Mangaraj (Bhubaneswar)
09:20AM – 09:40AMNovel Therapies for Management of Overweight Diabetes PatientsDr. Binayak Sinha (Kolkata)
09:40AM – 10:00AMPositioning SGLT2 inhibitors in management of thin fat Indian diabetic patientsDr. Kausik Biswas (Kolkata)
10:00AM – 10:15AMRemogliflozin: Is it the Indian flozin?Dr. Partha Pratim Chakrabarty (Kolkatta)
10:15AM – 11:30AMPost Bariatric Surgery Management
Moderator:Dr. Sashikanta Mohapatra (Cuttack)
Chair Persons:Dr. Nranjan Tripathy (Cuttack)
 Dr. N. C. Grabadu (Cuttack)
 Dr. Bijan Patnaik (Cuttack)
10:15AM – 10:35AMLong Term Complications after Bariatric SurgeryDr. Dhanashree Naidu (Pune)
10:35AM – 10:55AMBariatric Surgery – Options, Benefits and RisksDr. Mahendra Narwaria (Ahmedabad)
10:55AM – 11:15AMWhen Not To Bariatric Surgery / How To Improve Bariatric Surgery OutcomesDr. Raman Goel (Mumbai)
11:15AM – 11:30AMDiscussion
11:30AM – 11:45AMTea / Coffee Break
11:45AM – 01:00PMClosing Remarks
Moderator:Dr. P. K. Rathor (Cuttack)
Chair Persons:Dr. Subhransu Patra( Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Shyama Kanungo (Cuttack)
 Dr. K. B. Parida (Bhubaneswar)
11:45AM – 12:05PMPerson Centered Obesity CareDr. Sanjay Kalra (Karnal)
12:05PM – 12:25PMEndoscopic management of ObesityDr. C. R. Panda (Cuttack)
12:25PM – 12:45PMEffectiveness of Basal Insulin in Indian SettingsDr. Ritesh Agarwal(Bhubaneswar)
12:45PM – 01:00PMDiscussion
01:00PM – 02:00PMValedictory & Lunch
Hall B
9:00AM – 10:15AMChildhood & Adolescent Obesity
Moderator:Dr. Prakash Ch. Panda ( Sambalpur)
Chair Persons:Dr. Sriprasad Mohanty (Cuttack)
 Dr. Dhiraj Panda (Bhubaneswar)
 Dr. Saroj Tripathy (Cuttack)
09:00AM – 09:20AMDiagnosis and Evaluation of Childhood ObesityDr. Chandan Das (Bhubaneswar)
09:20AM – 09:40AMPA and Weight ManagementDr. Sunil Kota (Bhubaneswar)
09:40AM – 10:00AMObesity and SleepDr. Nibedita Pani (Bhubaneswar)
10:00AM – 10:15AMDiscussion
10:15AM – 11:30AMHotspots
Moderator:Dr. B. N. Mohapatra (Cuttack)
Chair Persons:Dr. Sarat Ch. Mohanty (Berhampur)
 Dr. Sarojini Sarangi ( Cuttack)
 Dr. Manoj Ku. Mohapatra (Burla)
10:15AM – 10:15AMWhat Matters In Diet – Carbs, Proteins, Fats OR Is It Just Calories?Dr. Srikant Dhar (Bhubaneswar)
10:15AM – 10:30AMCrash Dieting Repurcussions and SolutionsDr. Shipra Mathur (Kanpur)
10:30AM – 10:45AMFad Diets – Do They Help or Are They Responsible For Weight Regain?Dr. Sanjay Dash (Cuttack)
10:45 – 11:00AMExercise Prescription for Obese PatientsDr. Tvisha Parikh (Mumbai)
11:00AM – 12:00PMHotspots
Moderator:Dr. Sradhananda Mohapatra (Rourkela)
Chair Persons:Dr. Bramhanada Das (Cuttack)
 Dr. Sashikant Mishra ( Bhubnaeswar)
 Dr. K. N. Padhiary (Cuttack)
11:45AM – 12:05PMObesity with Disability- Overcoming challeges Anecdote to EvidenceDr. Navneet Wadhwa (New Delhi)
12:05PM – 12:25PMPhysiology & Pathology of AdipocyteDr. Sitaram Mohapatra (Bhubaneswar)
12:25PM – 12:45PMDo All Individuals With Obesity Need Management?Dr. Pallavi Patankar (Mumbai)
12:45PM – 01:00PMDiscussion
01:00PM – 02:00PMValedictory & Lunch